Shortcuts Made Easy

Just 1-click and you can get to your most often used QuickBooks report

Did you ever want to open up a QuickBooks report and had a hard time finding it?  Or you had to go through a whole 10-minute customization?  Come on…who has that time to waste!

Try this…

Open the window that contains the feature or report you want to add.

  1. Choose View > Add Window to Icon Bar.
  2. Choose a label, description, and icon for the customized report.
  3. Click OK.

Wallah !  Now you can just click that icon and your favorite report is there !

Extra tip:  Make the label or description as short as you can. such as “BS” instead of “Balance Sheet”.  That way you can have more icons available to you.  I call it “expensive real estate”, so use it wisely.

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